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What is e-commerce? How to get an e-commerce license?

What is e-commerce? How to get an e-commerce license?

E-commerce refers to companies and individuals that buy and sell goods and services over the internet. Ecommerce operates in different market segments and can be conducted over smart devices. E-commerce is highly competitive, anything can be purchased through e-commerce. It can be operated though different market segments include business-to-business, business-to-consumer, consumer-to-consumer and consumer-to-business. One of the biggest benefits of e-commerce to business formation in UAE is that it keeps sellers interested in online selling. Many sellers have lots to maintain in a physical store. They may need to pay extra upfront for costs like rent, repairs, store designs, inventory etc.

Starting up an ecommerce business gives a sense of achievement and freedom you’ll learn each step in this guide. Putting together a compressive blueprint for starting the business, complied of contents. These blog posts, guides and videos organized and based on most important tasks and research.

Getting an e-commerce business license in the United Arab Emirates from CZAR business services is a tax-free and hassle-free start. So, starting a digital business in the United Arab Emirates will be your revenue starter. Contact an advisor at CZAR business services to easily set up the basics of your company and all your business. Some steps also include:

  • selecting a legal structure
  • selecting business activities
  • registering the trade name
  • getting initial approvals
  • renting of leasing a workspace
  • submitting the documents and paying fees
  • applying for the visa
  • opening a corporate bank account

Getting in touch with our consultants at CZAR business services will make things quiet easy when starting up an e-commerce business with a business license and 100% ownership in the UAE.

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