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Tourism License in Dubai, UAE

UAE is a leading tourism hub and has a high demand for tourism-related businesses

UAE is a leading tourism hub and has a high demand for tourism business licenses in the region. A tourism trade license in Dubai and across the UAE is required for businesses involved in the travel and tourism sector.

A new hotel classification system specifies whether a tourism license is required for hotels and hospitality industries. Unified licenses will also provide tourism trade in the UAE for commercial and tourism activities. If you want to start a business such as a travel agency, a tourist company, a restaurant, a hotel, or even a car rental company, you need a tourism license. For more information on United Arab Emirates tourism licenses, call a Czar Bizserv Incorporation Expert.


Obtain a tourism license from Czar Bizserv. We offer you various benefits under a tourism license as described below:

  • Notify and cooperate with additional requirements
  • Coordination with Tourism Trade Marketing Bureau
  • Support with additional approval and certification
  • Travel agency office space rental support
  • Collect the documents needed to start a travel and tourism business

Czar Bizserv is a leading provider of business registration services in the region with experience registering all types of business activities. If you are looking for the right advice before starting a travel agency in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, please consult a business consultant for free.