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If first-quarter figures in 2022 are anything to go by, one can safely say Dubai’s mainland business sector is most definitely back.

Dubai ranked first globally in terms of hotel occupancy and new business set-up in the first quarter of 2022, registering 82 percent of mainland business set-up companies in the mainland.

That is a massive achievement that reflects the wisdom of Dubai’s business hub it has made the emirate the global poster city for post-pandemic recovery and to set up new business in the mainland in Dubai.

The staging of the Expo 2020 Dubai has obviously been a big draw for both domestic and international tourists, which gave a lot of entrepreneurs the urge to set up business on the mainland. Beyond that, however, Dubai’s appeal as an international hub for business, tourism, and leisure.

These results attest to the emirate’s ability to develop a compelling value proposition…and innovative new offerings that meet the needs and preferences of the most discerning of global travelers.

The city boasts an impressive range of tourist spots and landmarks that include the recent launch of the Museum of the Future.

Dubai offers a gastronomic journey unlike any other country which gives investors the interest to set up a new company on the mainland.

In addition, Dubai offers some of the most exciting retail and shopping experiences with a plethora of malls offering a wide selection.

COMPANY FORMATION IN UAE during the fifa world cup

Dubai is one of the best-sustaining countries for its momentum for company formation in UAE. Towards the end of the year as it seeks to broaden its appeal to new and diversified market segments, while also attempting to increase people from all over the world to look into UAE for their future.

It certainly helps that a fresh pipeline of developments will see a lot of company formation in the UAE.  Real Estate Market report, which also estimates that approximately 333,000 square meters of retail space will be completed in Dubai for the remainder of 2022 which also gives a lot investors to flourish a new business.

Adding to Dubai’s favor is the staging of the World Cup in Qatar in November, which will provide an extra boost for company formation in the UAE as tens of thousands of football fans are expected to make Dubai city their base during the course of the world’s most watched sporting spectacle.

Dubai’s F&B sector is also expected to benefit from the massive influx of tourists, with various outlets already preparing special offers and football-focused experiences such as mini fan zones and big screen installations.

New legislative initiatives for Company Formation in Dubai

Dubai is expected to benefit from the massive influx. Despite its well-established reputation as a global economic and business hub, Dubai is certainly not letting up in its desire to further its ambition to be the world’s most sought-after destination for company formation.

New legislative initiatives have been introduced, such as increasing the duration of stay which gives an investor more breathing space, which will further boost the country’s economy.

Expect new developments in the business sector where company formation in Dubai will play an important role in the retail and leisure industries from private sector developers who would want to leverage opportunities being offered by Dubai’s tourism industry that will in turn contribute to its future growth.

With all these coming together, Dubai’s business sector can look forward to more business than usual not only for the rest of the year but for the years to come.

Business License in Dubai

UAE is seeing an increase in the number of entrepreneurs for business licenses in Dubai. The cities booming service industry has seen a tremendous upward trend.

SMEs are a key player in the UAE’s future development. Dubai has seen a large number of new business license from the first quarter of this year.  Dubai’s economy has expanded faster than earlier estimated in the second quarter, after a more upbeat assessment of gains in non-oil gross domestic product. The boom is now spreading beyond the oil industry, with the government starting to raise spending in the first half of the year thanks a massive budget surplus. With new business establishments UAE has seen a large number of business licenses.

Regional developments and investments for Low-cost Business Set up in the UAE.


Dubai is witnessing a strong demand for low-cost business set up in the UAE. These low-cost business set up helps create a new task force initially and upstream development in the private sector section. The Middle East is becoming a popular investment for low-cost business set-up locations for both regional and worldwide investors. Young entrepreneurial innovation contributes considerably to overall productivity development. The investment growth has continued in the Middle East. The UAE has remained the top destination for startup investments for low-cost business setups. It’s an ideal platform for young entrepreneurs. Innovators, startups, investors, industry experts, and forward-thinking thinkers.

Several startups sprung up across the UAE region. There is substantial evidence that accelerators, incubators, and government-led initiatives play an essential role in the growth of companies when it comes to low cost business set up in the UAE.

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