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Specialists and Professionals in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Requires UAE Professional Business License

Service-oriented companies rely on professional skills. For this reason, professionals must obtain a UAE Professional Trade License incorporated in the UAE.

UAE Professional Licenses are granted based on educational qualifications and disciplines. There are several factors involved in getting a professional license. These are documents, approvals from the Chamber of Commerce, local government procedures, etc. You can get a professional business license with Czar Bizserv almost instantly with the proper documentation.

Also, did you know that a Dubai professional license can give foreign investors 100% ownership? Business licenses also recognize the interests of sole proprietors in some jurisdictions. 

However, with Czar Bizserv, you have complete control over your business, whether a professional company or a business formation in the mainland.

How do I Setup a business in Abu Dhabi?

Experts and Professionals Requires Professional Business License in UAE

First, you need to determine your jurisdiction, the type of business, and the number of shareholders in your company. The procedure depends on the structure of the company. For example, the process of LLC formation in Abu Dhabi is different from service-oriented small business formation in Abu Dhabi.

You want to start a new business in Abu Dhabi, but are you wondering how to do it all? Want to know how to create a restaurant or commercial business in Abu Dhabi? Please consult CZAR Abu Dhabi company establishment experts for more information on these and other business activities related to Abu Dhabi’s company registration.


> Apply for a trade license with Czar Bizserv. Additional support and features are available, as shown below.

> Providing necessary documents from the judiciary department.

> Visas, license applications, job assignments, translation services, etc. Assisting with the opening of corporate bank accounts

> Fixed annual fee, transparency in dealing and reliability

> Suitable for entrepreneurs, SMEs and MNCs entering the UAE market

> UAE encourages professional entrepreneurship, which makes it simple to start a professional company in the region. Find out more about professional licenses or renew your professional trade licenses in Dubai or anywhere in UAE. Call us now!