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How to start a business in the free zone

How to start a business in the free zone

With a global business formation ecosystem, the UAE has 45 free zones, ensuring an influx of international investors and entrepreneurs in specific industrial sectors.

Although the United Arab Emirates is best known for its petroleum and oil industries. We have extended our expertise to lead company formations in Dubai. The United Arab Emirates maintains a progressive position as a centre of global business activity.

A free trade zone is an economic jurisdiction established to exchange certain goods and services for preferential import and export tariffs and other operational advantages. Each free trade zone is subject to its own legal and regulatory structure that monitors business operations. A low cost business set up is possible in the free zone sector.

Free zones make it an even more competent place to start a business, with no personal or corporate taxes and a quick and seamless business formation process. Free zone exemption from import and export duties. Many free zones such as Meydan and IFZA Free Zone, RAK, E-Commerce City, SHAMS, SPC, Humriyah, DMCC, Kizad, TwoFour54 allow business establishment from 3 to 6 visas without renting physical space. Each free zone has a number of regulatory authorities for approval, settlement and hassle-free company formation. In addition, certain free zones cater to specific industries and business types.

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