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abu dhabi company formation, commercial license abu dhabi By: admin / May 11, 2022

Business licenses are permits issued by government agencies that allow individuals or companies to conduct business within the government’s geographic jurisdiction. They are permits issued by the local government to establish a business.
Every business in the UAE must obtain a license, regardless of whether it is located in a free zone or on the mainland in one of the emirates. A business license is a document that confirms the legal status of a company. The most important licenses for starting a business in Dubai are: the commercial license, the industrial license and the professional license. It takes about a week or more to get your business license in Abu Dhabi once you get your first permit. This mainly depends on the business activity and the external documents. The total cost of the Abu Dhabi business license also includes an additional fee for using a foreign trade name, and you will also need to pay an annual fee for renewing your Abu Dhabi business license. Czar Business Services has established the lowest prices and fastest procedures for applying for a business license in Dubai.
To obtain a business license in Sharjah, you must obtain permits from the government and the Ministry of Economy. Contact Czar Business Services to get a hassle-free business license in Dubai and you will get a hassle-free and fast process. The time required to apply for a business license in Sharjah is also about a week.

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