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The Shams Free Zone, or Sharjah Media City
Sharjah Media City, also known as Shams Free Zone, is just 15 minutes from Dubai International Airport and 5 minutes from Sharjah International Airport.


Service, commerce, and industrial licenses are issued by Shams Free Zone. It accepts more than 200 commercial activities, ranging from publishing and wholesale to auditing and bookkeeping.


Businesses have a variety of options to choose from when operating under the Shams umbrella. The free zone has attracted foreign direct investment from all over the world over the years. The objective is to create future change agents who will apply the expertise and knowledge gained at Shams across international platforms, paving the path for succeeding generations.


SHAMS provides a business-friendly setting with a quick and easy company formation process. It offers a one-stop shopping option, allowing businesses to swiftly and simply set up and run their operations. Investors will save time and effort thanks to the simplified registration and licensing processes.

SHAMS offers a wide variety of licenses to accommodate different business activities. If you work in the media, creative industries, technology, consultancy, or any other industry, SHAMS has licenses that are tailored to your particular needs. You can operate lawfully and in accordance with local legislation thanks to this flexibility.

The favorable tax environment is one of the many advantages of investing with SHAMS. Businesses can save a lot of money in the zone because it has no corporate or personal income tax. This benevolent tax climate boosts profitability and encourages corporate expansion.

The protection of intellectual property rights is a top priority for SHAMS. To protect copyrights, trademarks, and patents, the zone has a strong legal framework in place. Businesses engaged in creative and innovative industries should rest easy knowing that their intellectual property is protected.

SHAMS offers firms cutting-edge infrastructure and facilities. The zone has media production studios, coworking spaces, and office spaces that can be customized. It has cutting-edge technology, fast internet connectivity, and effective transit systems, which facilitate efficient company operations.

To help investors at every point of their journey, SHAMS provides a full range of business support services. This covers instructions on obtaining licenses, obtaining visas, using legal services, and registering businesses. SHAMS also makes networking opportunities, workshops, and corporate development programs accessible, encouraging growth and cooperation.

The thriving cultural and artistic scene of Sharjah is well-known. Businesses are able to participate in this dynamic ecosystem by investing with SHAMS. The zone fosters innovation and expansion in the media and creative industries by promoting collaboration and networking among creative workers.

It’s crucial to remember that certain advantages and incentives could differ based on the type of license, the nature of the firm, and other elements. It is recommended to speak with SHAMS or a qualified advisor to learn the precise benefits offered for your particular investment.

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