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Commercial Trade License in Dubai, UAE

All commercial activities in the United Arab Emirates require a trading license.

Companies engaged in commercial activities are granted a trade license. General and professional traders can use trade licenses throughout Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

The United Arab Emirates Dubai Commercial Trade License (the most popular license in mainland Dubai) is issued to companies engaged in commercial activities and trade in the United Arab Emirates. Your business, such as General Trading may include imports, re-exports, and trade of permitted goods and goods. Business licenses serve as a prerequisite for regulating and protecting such businesses. In addition, retailers, construction companies, real estate companies, transport associations, and other companies must also apply for a trade license. Czar Bizserv completes the required procedures for the company’s business appropriately. Apply for a Commercial License in Dubai now with Czar Bizserv!


Obtain a trade license with Czar Bizserv. We offer you various benefits, some of which are:

  • You can carry out up to 10 related business activities with one commercial trade license.
  • Multiple choices between company types
  • You can combine multiple adjacent activities with one license
  • Secure business relationships with corporate registration and DED
  • Visa application, license, job assignment acquisition, translation service, etc. Support for opening a corporate bank account
  • A Cost-effective Way to Renew Your Transaction License in the United Arab Emirates

Governing bodies such as the Ministry of Economic Development and various other departments are involved in obtaining a trade license. For more information on the United Arab Emirates commercial permits, please consult a business consultant for free.